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FIX what isn't working and GROW what does work

Small Local Business Solutions

Does the writing on your website, emails, signs and ads accurately communicate who you are and what you do?

Are you having any issues with online sites, reviews, email, social media, or your website?

Is your business experiencing growing pains?

Want to get all your ducks in a row by becoming more efficient and organized and make better use of technology, time and space?

Is business stagnating? Is it time for a new marketing strategy?

Do you have something that isn't working that stays in the background of your mind? Wouldn't it be nice to have someone else handle it for you?

We have solutions.

This is a technical problem with a technical solution. Your domain’s DNS records need to be assessed and changed so that the Interweb handles your email properly. Don’t worry, we speak Geek.

This is completely doable. Technical settings behind the scene enable this to happen smoothly. And you can still use your favorite email program such as Gmail, Outlook, etc.

We have a lot of experience with CRMs (or Customer Relationship Management systems) and can recommend options and help you get up and running. The possibilities are endless here, from the very simple and inexpensive, to more sophisticated sales team options. We can set these things up for you, train you, and also provide email content writing.

We can help you get organized and stay organized, and teach you to make the most of the email program and tools you already have… or set you up with something more efficient that makes your life easier. 

We can help make things flow smoothly. Whether it’s getting on board with a Google Business Suite, a shared calendar system, or something else…we have solutions for you. 

Got you covered.

If a potential customer finds your website but encounters broken links or this type of security message below, they are likely to back away and find another vendor or service. We can fix these things for you.

help with SSL for my website

We have both the technical and design experience to update your website, no matter what platform or hosting service you use. We specialize in writing services, as well as graphics. We also do brand new complete website builds for clients.

Do you need to integrate your Instagram posts into your website? Need the ability to capture online leads? Want video content to properly display on your site for mobile phone screens or computers? We can help you with a wide variety of needs.

We can help you improve your search ranking. It’s partly SEO-enhancing content, and partly about reviews, online listings and behind-the-scenes settings.

If you’re not sure why, but you know your business could be more booming, we will point out which things are worth upgrading. One size never does fit all, so we tailor our assessment to YOUR particular business and situation. 

from an expert

We help you decide how to promote, where and when to get the best results while minimizing time and expenditure. The strategy is customized for YOU, for your business, your style, your strengths. 

We are experienced in Google and Bing/Microsoft Pay-Per-Click Advertising and can advise you or manage campaigns on your behalf. 

What makes sense to focus on? Which platforms yield the best results for your business? There is a sweet spot for every business, and what works for one may be inappropriate for another. Nothing is cookie-cutter. We will help you identify a winning strategy that will conserve your time and energy and get the most bang for your buck.

When it comes to your own business, it can be tricky to have an outside perspective. We come in with fresh eyes and the ability to quickly and easily diagnose the weak links in the chain. Take advantage of our comprehensive Marketing Assessment for just $75, which includes a plan of clearly defined action steps to remedy the situation. 

We can help!

Communication is so important in any business. What impression are you making with your website or email content? We can edit your existing writing or create new content to transform and polish your professional image. 

Whether it’s writing a professional bio for you as the business owner, re-writing website content to make it shine, writing email content that makes people open and click, writing social media posts about your products or services, or something else, quality WRITING and EDITING is our strong suit at Grand Valley Solutions.

We have created professional videos for clients, from raw footage to editing with graphics and music. We also have done sound editing of podcasts and other voice recordings. We also create graphics for thumbnails, book covers, etc. Grand Valley Solutions is a one-stop-shopping center for small businesses! 

We speak everyday Geek. Do you have a spreadsheet or small database project? Are you trying to figure out how to do a mail merge for a mail campaign? Are you trying to get your smartphone to play nice with your computer? Whatever the need is, contact us and we’ll let you know if it’s in our wheelhouse. (If it isn’t, we can help you find the help you need.)

In today’s technological world, there are a huge array of frustrations that arrive almost daily. Some of the “small potatoes” projects that we’ve helped clients out with include: stopping LinkedIn’s annoying automated invitations to contacts; merging duplicate social media accounts and online listings; dealing with various log-in website issues; using Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts; etc. These are just examples, and as you know, technology is constantly changing and presenting new challenges.

Don’t get frustrated. Give us a try!

We’ve helped clients navigate a variety of bureaucratic hurdles. One client was creating her own 501(c)(3) organization and we assisted her with filing the paperwork. We also dabble in bookkeeping and some clients ask us to help out with tax forms. We also have experience in grant writing. You name it and we’ve probably done it.

We have decades of very diverse business experience, combined with engineering skills to assess and adapt to new situations. If there is anything you need help with that you don’t specifically see listed here, please reach out to us. We will honestly tell you whether or not we can give you the results you need.

Is there something in particular that you need help with?

Whether it’s an email or website issue, an aspect of your marketing, or something to do with your physical location and space, we have the expertise to help you solve the problem: 


We will offer you an expert analysis of the situation along with clearly defined action steps that you can take to fix the problem.


You can hire us to implement the changes OR take the plan and run with it yourself... or something in between. It's flexible, and there is no pressure. We are here to serve you and your small business.

Are you looking to grow your business?

Maybe you’re not sure WHY you’re not getting enough business. Here’s how we can help: 


We'll take a thorough look at both your online and local presence (if applicable), and provide you with a comprehensive report on what is and isn't working, along with action steps to take for positive change.


With your Business Assessment in hand, you have the option to hire us to complete some or all of the tasks. Alternatively, you can take the information and implement changes yourself. Some clients have one-time projects while others choose to retain our services on an ongoing basis.

Grow strong roots and your business will continue to bear fruit.

Grow your small business

If there’s something you need help with that you don’t specifically see here, please inquire. We will honestly tell you whether it is something we can do—and if not, we’ll help connect you to the right resources and people. 



If you're not sure what the issue is or would like an overview, we will conduct a comprehensive MARKETING ASSESSMENT for just $75. It covers all of these important areas:

Your comprehensive MARKETING ASSESSMENT includes an overview of what is working well and what needs improvement. It also provides you with clear action steps to take in order to improve and fix any problems. You have the option to hire us to fix issues, or simply take the information we provide and run with it yourself.


If you know that you need help with something in particular, we can provide you with a flat fee estimate for completing the project, along with a detailed description of the work to be completed.

business SOLUTIONS

Fix what's broken. And grow what's working.

Get expert assistance to solve any challenges your business is facing.  


solve technical problems

Do you have a “small potatoes” problem that needs solving? For example, broken links on a website, a duplicate listing on Google, an issue with social media sites, etc. We are happy to assist you in improving your business and eliminating hassles, regardless of the size or scope of the project.

Ongoing Assistance

marketing help to grow your business

Would you like some marketing help on a regular basis? After the initial improvements and fixes are done, some clients choose to retain us for ongoing monthly promotion and business development including monitoring advertisement campaigns, social media content, reviews, and more.


Small Business Development

Debbie DeRose, the founder of Grand Valley Solutions, has 40 years of experience working with small businesses, individuals, large corporations, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations. In addition to marketing, she’s worked in a wide variety of capacities including accounting, procurement, data analysis, finance, logistics, project management and sales.

Debbie earned her B.S. degree in Engineering and Business from Rutgers University and her M.S. degree in Applied Economics from the University of California. Not that fancy degrees are impressive! What’s more important is that she uses her skills to accurately assess what needs fixing, and to ensure that your investment will pay itself back in business growth.

Small businesses are the backbone of our community, and Debbie enjoys helping them to grow and flourish.